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Cannot get enough Alex! Want so bad to buy the whole series, but for now this trailer is on repeat :)


I’ve just recently reached 5,000 followers, and I’ve been actually wanting to do another giveaway for quite some time, so when I saw that I was getting close to 5,000, I figured I may as well wait until then, and it just so happened that it was around the holidays.

I’d just like to thank you all for supporting me, and being such lovely people, I still have no idea why I have as many followers as I do, but I really do appreciate every single one of you, which is why I wanted to do this giveaway. Merely to show you all how much I really do appreciate your support, and interest in my blog, because without the lot of you, I’d be lost.

So thank you all. I love you.

Giveaway Info:

*All items will be bought and paid for by me. Some of the items are pre-owned.*

Ultimately, seven people will receive something, or a number of things.
The first three people to be picked, will be able to choose any of the packs.

*I will ship anywhere in the world.*

I’ve included the information for the designers of the shirts.

I will be using this list randomizer to determine the winners.

First Pack:

Second Pack:

  • Eleventh Doctor *Life-sized* Standup (click for more information)
  • Tardis String Lights (click for enlarged version)
  • Weeping Silence T-shirt designed by AliceXZ on threadless (click for more information)

Third Pack:

  • Original BBC Sherlock Cluedo (click for larger version, and more information)
  • Sherlock and John 13 x 19 inch Print (click for larger version) *used

Fourth Pack:

  • Tenth Doctor *Life-sized* Standup (click for more information)
  • Dalek Blueprint 36 x 24 inch Poster (click for larger version)

Fifth Pack:

  • Tardis Mug w/ removable lid (click for more information and enlarged version) *unused but recommended washing before use
  • Retro Dalek Victory 24 x 36 inch Poster 
  • Eleventh Doctor’s Sonic Screwdriver (click for larger version) *used

Sixth Pack:

  • Sherlock Holmes 13 x 19 inch Print (click for larger version)*used
  • “I don’t have Friends” Sherlock T-shirt designed by pigbee on redbubble (click for enlarged version, sizing charts, and more information)

7th Pack:

  • Amy Pond *Life-sized* Standup (click for more information)

There are some “rules”, as always I hope they aren’t too limiting. I want everyone to have a fair chance of receiving something.


  1. You must be following me. This was made exclusively to show my followers that I really appreciate them.
  2. You can reblog this as many times you want.
  3. No making side accounts so you have a better chance of getting something, that’s called cheating.  

Finally, I’m so glad I could do another giveaway, and I hope it goes as well as the last one did. Thank you all, again, for supporting me, and just being all around awesome people. I love you guys.

*The Giveaway Ends on February 13th*


that face he makes at the end of the gif is fucking creepy


that face he makes at the end of the gif is fucking creepy